Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Benefit Softball Tournament

I have been real busy just like everyone else. Not much time to blog. But last weekend we did something a little different so I am taking time to blog about it tonight.

I mentioned before about our friends who are on a journey to adopt from Peru. That is an expensive process. So Calley's sweet and athletic sister they call Grubby, put together a Softball Tournament to help raise money for the blessed event!

We pitched in our two cents worth and helped out. I helped out by agreeing to help with the concessions (some great little girls did a great job at that though and mainly I just got to enjoy the events of the day.) :)
Avery was pretty happy that Nonna was helping with concessions since that meant Nonna was happy to give her a dollar for treats now and then. She was very nice to share her sucker with Uncle Mark, don't you think?

Charlie and Mark helped out by playing! They were pretty good!Josh helped out by staying home and watching the LSU game. Oh wait, never mind. (No photos)

And Mark helped out by holding this fence up. Oh sorry, just a line so I could put in one more picture of my handsome son. (Just sayin!)

Casey helped out by showing up and providing moral support and cheers.

Avery helped out by making sure "May" minded her. (Or Amaus as his family calls him.)
Avery had wanted to go up these stairs but lazy Nonna showed her that the door at the top was locked with a pad lock, so we didn't need to go up. So in this picture when Amaus was heading up, she was yelling to him "No May, door lock!!" reapeatedly.
We actually had a church team in this tournament. I think thats a first for Cornerstone. Lots of our folks showed up and lots of Calleys family showed up. This is her dad, and I just wanted to add the picture because I find it interesting. He helped out by playing, umpiring, and he made the plaques for the winning teams. We didnt get one of those by the way.

Lots of people were there. It was nice to see the support.

We had a really nice day. Avery had a blast. Here she is stealing, um I mean borrowing some plastic pitching balls. I sure hope those got put back in there...

There were lots of kids there too. Of Course Calley and Danny have 3 boys of their own right now and they have lots of cousins. They enjoyed the day too.

I hope their parents dont mind that I used this one. I just couldnt resist!

So once again, we had a great day. So glad it raised some money for such a good cause.
Have I mentioned that Danny

and Calleyare like the sweetest people I know. YEP! (You know besides my mom of course.)


Penny said...

Love Miss Bossy~ Casey's child, being bossy, who'd have thought that would happen? lol
The pictures are great! Glad you took and posted so many. I hate that we missed it! Wish we could have been there, but I guess driving over 6 hours (round trip) to take Sarah a vehicle was worth seeing Leon for about 2 hours. :) Should be getting him again soon.

Mallory said...

Love the pics of Avery and Amaus!!! Hilarious :)

Calley said...

That is so sweet Cristi! I love all of the pics. They are awesome. It was such a fun day and we are so thankful for all of your family and your support! Y'all are such a blessing to us! Thanks. :)