Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break

During my Spring Break my sweet little girl, I mean, beautiful adult daughter came down with the flu. :(

So off Todd went to pick up Miss Avery in hopes that she would not come down with it as well. We kept her for several days while Casey recuperated.

We had a good time together. Avery did miss her mommy though. Maybe more this time than usual. But she did stay longer than usual too so maybe that was it. She kept asking me where her mommy was. Then I began to answer her back with the same question and she would say, "She home, she sick flu"

During our visit we had a girls day out. This time we went searching for a pink cupcake. Again her idea not mine. We went looking for some shoes for her. (No success). Well once again I thought we were there looking for shoes, but she asked the girl behind the counter if they had pink cupcakes. They did not. Then we went to the Natchez Coffee Shop. I was in hopes that they would have pink cupcakes there, or at least cupcakes at all. They did not. I talked Avery into settling on an Oatmeal Raisin Cookie instead. She enjoyed every bite of that large cookie! Then we went to a bookstore nearby and picked out a book. Wanna guess the title? "What Happens When you Give a Cat A Cupcake?" I love reading to her. When she was smaller she would start out okay with a book and then want to shut the whole thing and be done with it before you could get a few pages into it. But now you read the whole story and then she says "Read it again Nonna". Of course I oblige.
We also played outside. (I sure wish this picture were in focus!)She is getting better at navigating that Barbie Car although not a great driver yet. She was so excited when the little guy from down the street came to play. This is Hay. Thats what Avery calls him. I couldnt resist posting this photo. hehehe
She loved watching him jump on the trampoline. She loved throwing the ball with him. She pretty much just enjoys it when he comes down here to hang out. I think he likes it too.

Who needs Beaches for Spring Break when you got this?


Penny said...

Y'all should have baked some pink cupcakes. :) Cute pictures~ love her little outfit!

Denise Darnell Davis said...

We LOVE If you give a cat a cupcake! My mom was just telling me this morning about a book called "Pinkalicious", made me think about Avery too! I'm going to search for it online and order it for Anna, her 2 favorite things are cupcakes and the color pink!!

Avery's Mommy said...

She loves her book (I stole it and need to bring it back!) I'm glad y'all had a good time. THANKS SO MUCH!

I keep telling Charlie I'm already worried about Hay...for later years. We shall see!