Saturday, March 5, 2011

Where Is The Mermaid?

Last weekend we got to spend a little alone time with Avery Grace. It was such a pretty day I decided to go down to the Riverwalk for a mini photo shoot. The reason for this was that someone who I dont see often came by my office the week before and wanted to see a recent picture of Avery. I pulled up my blog since I didnt have any at my office to show her. But oddly enough I had no recent pictures of Avery there (here) either. I shocked my own self by this fact and it put my gears in motion.

So Saturday morning I was getting ready and Avery was watching a little TV. A commercial came on for a Disney Cruise. Avery insisted I rewind that commercial and she watched it about 10 times I think. She saw the Mermaid and was mesmerized and fascinated. We moved on from there and continued getting ready. When it was time I said Okay Avery lets go. She then said. Okay we go find Mermaid. I laughed and wondered why she thought I was taking her to find the mermaid but went with it and decided I would get her a mermaid at Wal Mart which was our first stop for a memory card for my camera. When we got to Wal Mart Avery began looking for the mermaid. When I got to it we went to the toy section and I began looking for a mermaid myself. When I showed Avery the few they had she insisted she did not want that mermaid. She wanted the "REAL MERMAID" --- :Uh Oh! Yes she was still looking and when she was convinced that the Mermaid wasnt there we were on with our search. Next stop was the Photo shoot at the Riverwalk. She looked high and low. Believe me all of this was her with no encouragement from Nonna. She called the Mermaid and thought she was swimming in that water. "The Mississippi River" Um, dont think so. But Avery did. So she called and called for her. She looked in the Gazebo. She looked under the bridge. She sang to her hoping she would come. She danced for her hoping she would come. Nothing seemed to work.

We had a good time looking for the mermaid. She also, after at first being a little hesitant decided she LOVED the water fountain. She had a great time running through there trying not to get splashed by the shooting fountains. She did get a little wet. Okay a lot wet, but it was fun and thats what Nonnas are for right?

So finally we left the Riverwalk and no we did not find the mermaid. We made a quick stop by Picket Fence to see if there was a cute little outfit we could change into since she was soaked. They had the cutest little watermelon dress so we got it. She looks adorable in it and it was much more comfortable since it was dry. Now of course to me, the dress was the purpose for the visit to Picket Fence. But Avery was still searching for "The Real Mermaid" She asked Joanie who was working that day if she was there but she wasnt.

Back in the car we went and finished our errands. When we got home and I was pulling into the driveway, Avery realized we were home and we had NOT ACCOMPLISHED our mission, or rather her mission. NO MERMAID. Let me tell you it was no small deal. Let's just say


The tears were short lived, thankfully and we went on with our fun time together.

Life is GOOD!


Calley said...

That is so precious!!!! I love the pictures!!!!!! The one in the gazebo is darling.

Penny said...

Wasn't that water freezing?! Cute photo shoot, even if there was no mermaid in the river. lol

Cristi said...

Penny this was last weekend it was real warm.(Not that you would know it today) Water wasnt freezing. and Thanks Calley!

Avery's Mommy said...

Cute cute cute!