Tuesday, April 19, 2011

80th Birthday Party

Last weekend we had a wonderful celebration. Todds Dad is turning 80! A bunch of us gathered together to celebrate. This, of course, was right up Todd's alley because he loves this kind of thing.

The food was wonderful.

Everyone had a good time, especially the kids.

The conversation was interesting and funny at times. This is Mickey -Todd's brother explaining politics or religion.

This is Sandra, Todd's sister with her grand daughter Courtney.This is her again with her three kids Kaitlyn, Ryan, and Donny.

We saw so many people we hadnt seen in a very long time and lots that I had never met. It was nice.

Bill seemed pleased and like he enjoyed the whole thing. I guess its always nice having people you love say nice things about you.
An extra birthday gift from Josh - Putting on the Ole Miss Hat!!!!!

This is Bill and his sister Aunt Cathy.

This is Bill and Linda with all their children. The first guy is Dale. We dont get to see him very often and it was great to see him for Bills birthday.

This is Bill and Linda with all their grandchildren and great grandchildren that were there. Oh and by the way, we REALLY MISSED STEPHANIE AND ZACH, Mics kids. :(
Here is the whole group of us minus a few who left a little early.
Also a big THANK YOU to Bill and Linda
for raising such a wonderful son! I am blessed to be his wife.

OK here is one more HAPPY 80th BIRTHDAY BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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