Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Man I am full!

I am about to tell you why.

These ingredients

Became this.
Disclaimer: The above pictures were taken with my Iphone and not my "real" camera. Just so you know.

Believe me its better than it looks, however it looks pretty good to me.

Have you ever eaten the White Chicken Chili from Ruby Tuesdays? That is pretty much this! It tastes very similar but mine is even better! Seriously!

So today is your lucky day because I am about to give you my recipe. My recipe came from my new Southern Living Homestyle Cookbook which I LOVE! I have already made three recipes from this book and I don't think I have had it a week yet. It's great! This particular recipe was tweaked and this is my version of their recipe! You should really try it if you like this kind of thing.

So here goes: You will need a Deli Chicken, Small Can of Green Chilis, 1/2 an onion chopped, EVOO, 2/3 a box of Chicken Stock, clove of Garlic (Charlie, this means one small section of Garlic-not the entire head of Garlic-Just a reminder), 2 Cans of Northern Beans, Monterey Jack Cheese, Salt, Pepper, Cumin - a good amount (to taste), and Oregano.

Begin by chopping onion and add to EVOO in dutch oven or in my case a Large Emeril Skillet that I got at Christmas. While that is cooking remove chicken from bone and chop. When onion has cooked down a bit add can of green chilis, mix well, add crushed garlic clove, simmer for 5 minutes. Add 2 cans of beans, and seasonings. Mix well. Add Chicken stock. Mix well and allow to boil. Add Chopped Chicken. Add 1/4 cup of grated Monterey Jack Cheese. Ccok on medium to low for 45 minutes.

Meanwhile, Slice end off a tomatoe and squeeze excess juice/seeds out. Then chop tomatoe. Finely dice a quarter of an onion and add to tomatoes. Chop a teaspoon or two of fresh cilantro. Add to tomatoe mixture. Cut about a half-dollar sized amount of a fresh jalapeno pepper that has been seeded, and finely chop. Add to tomatoe mixture. Squeeze juice of half a lemon onto that. Allow that to sit while your White Chicken Chili cooks.

When you can wait no longer and your kitchen smells amazing, serve up a bowl of this deliciousness! Top with a spoonfull of sour cream, more fresh cilantro, the homemade salsa you created, and grated Monterey Jack Cheese.

Grab a cracker and OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!!!


Mallory said...

Sounds delicious!!! Love your little note to Charlie, I take it he used too much garlic before? Lol. He should probably use mince so that he can't mess up the measurements, works for me.

I have a recipe for chicken taco soup that seems a little similar to this one. SUPER easy and just sits cooking in the slow cooker all day :)


Cristi said...

Yes Mal. A long time ago he was making chili and it called for a clove of garlic. He thought that meant the whole head and used the whole thing. I think their house smelled like garlic for a month! HA

Mallory said...