Monday, April 25, 2011

What a Wonderful Easter Weekend

We were blessed to have Casey, Charlie, & Josh home for Easter Weekend. One of the fun things we did while they were here was dye some eggs. Avery really enjoyed it.

I found that taking pictures while dyeing eggs makes for colorful pictures.

Josh asked me today "Why do you take so many pictures?" I answered. "Its just a hobby. You know how you like to sit and watch sports on TV? Same sort of thing. Just something I enjoy".

Yes I enjoy it. Thankfully I have this blog to post some of my favorites on.

So here are a few more.

Avery also enjoyed hiding and hunting the eggs once they dried. She even enjoyed hunting the eggs that she hid herself.

Casey is such a good mommy to Avery. She plays and plays with her. They played Hide and Seek, Casey hid eggs while Avery searched for them, Avery hid eggs while Casey searched for them. They played Mommy and "Lil Girl" (guess who was the Lil Girl-Yep - Casey was). She is such a great mommy. I love watching them play together.

Arent they beautiful together?!

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday. We know we are blessed. It started off with a wonderful church service. Then a wonderful meal. Then a wonderful day with family and friends.

Good Times

Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful


Calley said...

Great pictures,as always! Casey is a wonderful mom! I love the pic of her and Avery!

Anonymous said...

I am grateful for your wonderful hobby of picture taking! Since i am not able to be near and with you often, this helps me to feel more a part of your sweet family! I save many of the pictures and always look forward to seeing them all! Thanks and keep photographing!!!! love you. Mama

Penny said...

Reminds me of pictures of me dying eggs at my Mimi's when I was Avery's age. Can you believe we've never died eggs with our grands?! They're never with us the night before Easter. Guess we'll have to try to make that happen one Easter soon. :)