Monday, September 26, 2011

Mammy's Cupboard

The last weekend that the family was here Casey, Avery, and I had a girls day out lunch, at this little place.

It was sooooo delicious! As always!

We had been to Bark in the Park at the Indian Village running and playing. Avery was a little thirsty so when our waitress had to actually take our orders and then leave our table without leaving Avery her Sprite well, she had something to say about it, like "Hey why that lady not bring my Sprite."
Thankfully the waitress came back shortly with that important Sprite.

Shucks. I cant remember why she was saying "Pleeeeeaaasse". But I got the shot and I am sure whatever it was, with that face, she got it.

She was excited about the day. We had fun. If I hadnt waited so long to post I could probably remember what exactly she was particularly excited about in this picture. It was probably just the fact that she got to spend the day with Nonna. Yea that was probably it. I am sure. Yea.

And of course we couldn't leave without bringing Poppa a piece of thisAnd a sandwich
and soup
and potatoe salad of course.

Pretty much after we got back into the car little Miss Avery Grace was SACKED OUT!

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Anonymous said...

sounds like such a nice day! So glad you are able to enjoy your precious grand baby! Not a baby any more, but still and always precious!! Mama