Saturday, September 10, 2011

Remember These?

Remember these?

Casey had one of these Cabbage Patch Kids back in the day. She left it outside one day and a dog drug it off never to be seen a gain. Insert teardrop, sniff sniff...

Today some friends of ours, as a matter of fact our Pastor and his beautiful wife were having a garage sale to benefit their adoption which you can read about here. They already have three wonderful little boys but have found room for one more little orphaned girl from Peru. Hopefully their journey to Peru will come soon. Those plane tickets are not cheap though; not to mention every thing else that comes along with International Adoption. So they had this garage sale in hopes to sell lots of stuff and earn much needed funds for Peru. I made my way to the garage sale this morning and this is what I found. I thought maybe Avery wouldnt mind adopting herself. So now she is the proud new mama to a set of twins. One she has chosen to name Carson (which almost caused a tear). Still waiting on the girls name.

I brought the dolls home and cleaned them up good. I even washed the little girls hair. It looks awesome! I bought them some preemie clothes (just like Avery wore when she was three months old!!!!). I fixed them all up, waiting for Avery to get to come to Nonnas to get them.

Then I had a lightbulb idea!

I remembered that I had the cradle my daddy made when my kids were babies.
I drug it out of storage and cleaned it up. I had so much fun getting it all ready for Avery to play with her new babies in. I thought about when daddy made them. I bet he had even more fun making them for his grand daughter to play with than I did cleaning it up for mine.

I had three special things that daddy made. One was a Rocking horse. Avery has that in her room now.

I have this cradle, which will go to my next granddaughter.

And I have a "Bear Bed" too. That will go to my first grandson.

Well actually I am planning on giving one to one of Marks kids, and the other one to one of Joshuas kids. So hopefully that plays out as I intend but if not I will figure it out then.

I am so thankful to have these treasures to pass along to my grandchildren. I wish there were more things to pass along. (Especially that HUGE rocking GIRAFFE, with leather stirrups he made for me when I was 11) But they said it was too big to move with us when we moved here so they gave it away. Insert tear, sniff sniff.


Akshay said...
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Anonymous said...

Love the cabbage patch dolls and cradle you fixed up so nice for Avery!! Next time you come we'll look and see if we can find some more treasures!! :) I love knowing they are being passed down to the grandkids and great grands too!! love you. Mama

Penny said...

The next grandbaby needs to be photographed in that cradle. Just saying. :)

Cristi said...

Mama that sounds exciting! Probably November!!!!

And Penny - GREAT idea!