Thursday, September 15, 2011

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time...

Way back when, I had three littles at home...

Casey was playing ball, struggling to hit it hard enough to get to first base. I can remember the look on her face. Lips tightened together, eyes on the base, elbows out---way out, and running "her" fastest.

Mark playing T-Ball and loving every second of it. Oh and he was also running into walls, wrecking bikes, and falling off the bunk bed... (Thus the scar on his cheek in this picture). How did he survive?

Josh was into everything... Pulling bottles of ketchup out of the refrigerator and busting it all over the floor. Reaching up to grab the powdered Gain Box and dumping it all into his eyes and all down the rest of him. Dumping paint on the floor, where I was three feet away painting the wall. And we cant forget, pulling down the Christmas tree. Yes he did that two years in a row.
I know --cute, but quite a hand full. Never take your eyes off him!

I remember those days with much pleasure.

One day in particular I remember talking with Todd about how we would watch them grow; and grow old together ourselves.

And I'll be darned if we didnt do it.

A great reminder would be when Mark walked into my office today dressed to a "T" in his black slacks, shirt & tie. He looked like a man I tell you!

And I guess he is.

Casey a mom herself of a little dancer. I can hardly believe it.

And Josh a sophomore in COLLEGE no less.

Once upon a time...


Penny said...

I've convinced myself that them growing up is a good thing~ we've got grands and a second chance to watch "our" kids grow. Then, you go and post this! Now, I'm tearing up. Thanks a lot. lol

Anonymous said...

Now you can enjoy watching Avery grow up too. The pic of daddy with the kids brought tears! Loved it! You certainly are not OLD yet!! maybe when Avery is grown; but not now!! Love you. Mama