Monday, May 14, 2012

The Ballet Recital

 What do you do for a Ballet recital?  Well first of all, a girl has got to get her makeup on.

 Uncle Josh wasnt so pleased with this idea.  But its fun for a four year old to fancy it up every now and then.
Avery seemed to enjoy the whole idea. 

 After hair and makeup we got a bite to eat and before heading to the auditorium we stopped by a pretty place for just a few pictures.  We parked and walked over and I suggested to Avery that she go stand by the hydrangeas for a few pictures - AND THE SHOW HAD BEGUN.
 This little dancer started with the posing and the moves until I was cracking up.  I never had to tell her how to stand or what to do she just started posing and I started shooting.

I love this shot because of that perfectly real smile.  This girl loves to dance.

 You would certainly think some of these shots were staged, but seriously she did all of this I just aimed my camera at her.

 Then on to the recital.  When we got there she found her name on her chair and low and behold there were treats for her there! 
 She seemed very pleasantly surprised that she had flowers!
And then got more flowers from Nonna & Poppa and a rose from Daddy.  She loved them!  How fun.
We enjoyed the show especially her parts.  She did very well, kept up, and did everything right as far as we could tell.  We were all very proud, pleased, and blessed beyond measure to be able to watch her.  Things like that always make me think back to that tiny frail 2 pound baby. What a long way she has come.  Thanks be to God!


Anonymous said...

love all these precious pictures! so happy you are able to enjoy your adorable little grandaughter! love you. Mama

Penny said...

Yes, she's come a long way from that tiny little thing! Love the pictures and the praise report. Always. :)

cindy said...
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