Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Running Riding Throwing

 Saturday we went to visit with Todd parents. 

They have had this plaque for AGES!

Avery had a great time running around.

 Todd got to relax and rest a little bit.  It was very nice there on the porch.  I wish I had a porch.

I rode on the 4 wheeler with Ryan our nephew.  It was fun.  A little scary.  You know the fast part had me imagining crashing and bones breaking... But there was no crashing.  The ride back in the woods was so nice. 

Much to Avery's delight there were dogs to play with.  She was happy to throw the tennis ball and watch Kaytlins dog Zeus pick it up with his teeth and bring it back.

Or throw the soccer ball and watch him pick it up with his teeth and bring it back.

However when Zeus started chasing her you would hear screams---

 and see these faces...

Maybe she thought Zeus was going to pick her up with his teeth and bring her back...


cindy said...
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Avery's Mommy said...

Oh that was a fun day!