Saturday, February 23, 2013


 This afternoon we decided to get out a bit and do a little something different.  It was very nice.  We drove down the Natchez Trace and then ended up out here.  This was an old store that Todd used to work years ago.  He enjoyed looking inside and remembering the people from his time there.
 He was also a good sport and being my model.  :)

 Across from the old store was this very old church.  We walked around it.  It was very interesting.
 What in the world is that rope for?  It went all the way over the roof of the church.

The door is so pretty.

 Around the church was this old cemetery.  Very old cemetery!

 I did take several pictures of Todd while we were there.  Then I asked him to take a couple of me.
 But of course he had to get in the picture too!!!

 We had fun doing a little exploring.

This was the beginning of a gorgeous sunset.

 We cant wait for it to warm up a little and then plan to go out there with Avery and the rest to play in the creeks out on the Trace.  Maybe have a picnic and do some more exploring.


Mallory said...

That cemetery is one of my favorites, it's so pretty out there!

Cristi said...

Those OLD grave stones were very interesting.

Penny said...

That's where I took shelbi's senior pictures~ some of them. I love that old church. :)