Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Getting Together

 A few more pictures from our last get together after Pawpaws funeral.

This is Paige propping her foot.  She fell off the sidewalk near her work and hurt her ankle.  (She may or may not be accident prone...)

 This is Avery, sharing her Uncle Josh. with Grayson.  After Grayson got home he wanted Avery to come to his birthday party dinner.  His mom explained how far away we lived but let him know that Avery had told her mom that she missed him.  He said, well what about Josh, did he say he missed me too?  And what about Mark, then proceeded to name all of us. :)  Love him!  And YES WE MISS HIM!

 I mean, who wouldnt miss this????

Talk about laid back and relaxing...

 What a cute couple
 They're gorgeous, gorgeous I say!

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