Tuesday, October 8, 2013


It seems every time I turn around, something is going on where I wish I could just rescue someone. 

Working in a public High School you see and hear of a lot.

Death of Kids Parents...
So much more...
So obviously every now and then something happens with our students, that makes my heart ache for them.
Today my heart was aching in such a way and right about that time our Pastor tweeted the words "What if"That was all - WHAT IF
There was no explanation.  I assume it may be the theme for the next sermon series he will be doing. 
Maybe not.  May just have been thought provoking.  It was for me.

What if-

I couldnt help but think what if the things we were teaching these kids on Wednesdays and Sundays too - stuck with them.  What if it made them think before making terrible life changing decisions.  What if the things we taught them from Gods word became the lifeline they need.

That rescue

Why wouldnt it?

It should.

It IS a lifeline, a rescue.

What if each of those kids in each of those situations chose to follow Gods will for their lives in that situation.  Things would be different. 
It doesnt mean there wouldnt be difficult things, hard times, or sadness.

But God---

That rescue

What if I was the person that said something or did something or shared something that made that person in need of rescue take notice.

What if you were????????


Penny said...

I know what you mean. Even kindergartners have their issues. Two of my kids were "homeless" in the past few weeks. So many sad things kids are dealing with these days. I pray with and for them. What if?...

Anonymous said...

I know you are making a difference in these kids lives. proud of you. mom