Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Birthday Photo Overload!

 Our Little Miss Avery turned 6 years old!  Sooooo  we celebrated!!!
 She wanted her birthday party to be at Bayou Gymnastics and thats where it was.
 She enjoyed it very much.

We all did.
 Even the BIG kids.  That does say "Just For Kids" right?????
 More big kids!  Good shot, Bram!

Thats Josh coming down the slide.

 Of course there were the regular jugglers.   (Thats Avery's teacher on the right) So sweet of her to come.

 These are Averys friends Ki Ki and Jo Jo.  They visit her regularly.  Very sweet girls.


 Uncle Josh got the hula hoop!

Uncle Mark gave it a try.

We enjoyed our celebration.

We cant believe she is 6 though.

Goodness gracious!

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