Saturday, January 11, 2014


 After we got the tree down and the decorations put up, Josh decided to chop it up and burn it in my fire pit.  I was skeptical that it would burn.  Boy was I wrong.  That thing flamed up so high and burned up!  Thats a little scary.

 Moral of the story is... Things are not always as they seem.

One day during the holiday Avery was out back and Mark would throw the ball on the roof and Avery would try to catch it.  One time though, She was waiting for the ball to come back...
 and waiting, and waiting...
And waiting--- It never came back...

It just stopped rolling and found a resting place.  But not to worry,  Uncle Mark to the rescue!
 Only, he missed
 And Josh missed too.
 And they missed again and again.
Finally they got it and the ball finally came down.

The moral of the story is...  Good things come to those who wait, with a little hard work and determination.

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