Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Duncan Park

Avery loves when Mark and Paige are around.  She was tickled when they showed up at the park a few weekends ago and even happier that they took her suggestion and brought Bella along.

Paige thought Bella wanted to swing.   So Mark took care of it.

 She loves that dog of hers.

I thought it would be sweet and fun to swing with Todd.  In this shot I thought Todd and I both were looking at the camera.  Then I would have a sweet picture of the fun we had swinging...


When I looked at the shot I saw the actuality of the situation.  He was actually looking up at the chain as if to see if it was going to HOLD!  When I saw the picture I showed it to him and asked him what it was all about...

He said "I was looking up to see if it was going to hold."

 Good thing we moved on from the swings to the rock climbing wall.

He loves to CONQUER!

This is much tougher now that Mark is tall.

It was easier this way.

It is kinda strange being at the park with your son who is now an adult and your grand daughter.  I remember so clearly being there with Mark and Averys mommy, and Josh, okay and lots of other kids too.  We brought along Hot Dogs, KoolAid KoolBursts, and Oatmeal Cream Pies and such.  Those were the days. :)

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