Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mothers Day 2014

Mothers Day all the kids were home and we had such a good time.  I got some nice gifts.  Casey got me two books I have been wanting to read and I am sooo looking forward to some time off so I can get into them.  Cant wait!!!  Mark (and Paige) got me a beautiful monogrammed wreath! Josh got me a candle holder with a quote on it that says 'Love makes our house a home'.  :)  The best gift though was spending time with all three (four counting Paige) of them.

I cooked, because I DID NOT want to eat out on Mothers Day with the rest of Vidalia and Natchez.  So we grilled and I got myself a Mothers Day Cake from Ednas.  Caramel with caramel filling.  Sooo yummy!

We of course played croquet.  But there was a little rain issue.  So we resorted to inside games as well.  While we were outside though we filled some water balloons and had a little fun with them.

This is Josh showing Avery how to pitch the water balloon so they could play a little water balloon baseball.
 Good pitch, good pitch!

This is when she got the guys on the patio with a water balloon! 
 Oh I think he was about to get her with one in return.

"Hurry Nonna I gotta get the boys"

Her turn to hit.with a little help from Coach Josh.
Thanks to Paige for picking up my camera.  Sometimes I enjoy so much just spending time with them I forget to grab my camera.  Way to go Paige!

Wonderful Mothers Day.  So blessed.  So Thankful.

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Penny said...

Looks like a great Mother's Day! I ended up with just one of six here, but it was a nice, relaxing day. :)