Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Beach Trip

Casey and her little family  planned a beach trip this summer.  Last week actually.  We hadnt planned on going on one since we are doing a mission trip VERY SOON and didnt really have extra funds for it.  They however invited us to tag along with them and stay in their condo.  So we did.  It was so fun too.  Josh and Gigi went along as well.

Of course as I have mentioned before one of my most favorite parts of the beach is seeing dolphins.  And one morning they showed up!  So happy!

We brought a kite for Avery and we all enjoyed it.

We found shells, ate yummy meals, laughed, went on a dolphin cruise, sat under an umbrella and gazed at the beautiful water, splashed and crashed in the waves,

 soaked up sun, and were amazed at the sunsets.  Just wow!

It was very relaxing and a wonderful way to start off my break from school.  I got up early and went down to this each morning.  I felt so sorry for all the people in their room sleeping.  Seriously I did.They were missing it.

Josh and I also went running on the beach in the mornings.  He was most definitely trying to kill me.  He must think he is getting some huge inheritance or something.

Avery loved running all over the beach.
 I am very thankful we were able to go.  What a blessing to once again see one of Gods most beautiful creations.

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Anonymous said...

glad you were able to enjoy God's beauty as well as precious family time!!