Monday, July 28, 2014


On Day 8 we had another early start.

Out to the airport to fly to Lima where we spent a couple of days.  As I was looking out the window on this flight I was amazed that we had been there.  I was intrigued by the great landscape of the Andes mountains, the Amazon, the clouds.  It was different than when we came in because we were sooooo tired then.  I took it all in.  I just kept thinking.  We really did this.  We really came all this way.

 It was a great flight.  A little bumpy, but no big deal.  Not for me anyway.

We landed safely in Lima and drove along the coastline which was so beautiful to our Hostel where we spent the night.  This is Calley waving to us from her room there at the Hostel The Inca Frog!
Once we got settled we walked around a bit there in Lima and grabbed a bite to eat.  We kinda went our separate ways for lunch.  A few of us ended up at Pizza Hut!  A nice change of pace. It was great. Others wanted to stick to Peruvian food, so they enjoyed that.  After lunch Danny and Calley along with one from the Kansas group went to an orphanage.  They would not allow the entire group to go so the rest of us stayed back.  Todd and I kept Salem for Danny and Calley so they could focus on their visit there.  We had fun with him.  He was great.  We walked all around with him checking things out.  Once that small group got back from the orphanage we went out to dinner.   We walked and found a place to eat.  I wish I could remember the name.  I didn't write it in my journal.  :(  They were known for their sandwiches.  It was so hard to order.  I couldn't understand the menu.  No habla Espanol!  We no longer had our interpreters.  I ordered something with Charlas help.  It was good.  It was CRAZY busy though.  The employees were not too thrilled to have all these non spanish speaking customers slowing things down.  Their other customers didn't seem really thrilled about us slowing things down either.  YIKES.  One man in particular was very nice and helpful though.  He was great.  We did our best to hurry and get out of everybody's way.  It was an experience.  Then on to another experience.  We took our food and walked over here.
 This is called "Cat Park".  Do you see the cats?  Yes there were cats.  And plenty of them.  Tons of cats stay there and the visitors feed them their leftovers.  In return the cats take care of the rats!  Which is -- great.   Must work.  Didnt see any rats!   Totally gross though.  In my humble opinion of course.
 I wasnt too crazy about the whole idea but the cats seem to think its great.

As we were there talking about our day I found it interesting that most of us really would just have rather been back in Iquitos doing a little more of what we had  been doing all the time we were there.  This was nice but switching the focus back onto ourselves was a bit weird.  It didnt quite feel right.  It seemed like having one more day in Peru yet not doing specific mission work was a miss somehow.  I cant really explain it.  
We walked back to Inca Frog and headed off to our rooms for the night. Todd was in the guys room and I bunked in a room with Becca 

and Denae.  It was great too.

I remember Becca as a Pre-teen and teenager.  She was so full of energy and had such a love for God.  She was always the one to rally the group up to get excited about the things of God.  She was such an encouragement to watch as she grew in the Lord.  It is so great to know that now she is serving God alongside her husband.  She still has that same energetic personality with excitement for God!
Seeing her and the way she interacted with the children of poverty and special needs was so moving.  She completely loved on those kids.  There was nothing fake about it.  I am so glad she went with us.  She's great!

I have only known Denae for the few years that she has been a part of our church.  She has a very sweet spirit and tender heart.  It is so wonderful to see young couples seeking to serve God in such a big way.  She gives of her time, talents, and love daily.  I am glad I have gotten to know her and her sweet growing family.
Seeing her heart for the Jessica House women was moving to say the least.  She jumped at the chance to do the night ministry.  The fact that it was dangerous did not deter her in the least.  When she got the chance to go out again with just a couple of others on another late night thing she literally jumped and ran to do it.  She's great!

I wrote in my journal that night from my bed in the room where the three of us were sleeping.

     Lord, I pray that I wont lose what you have done in my heart this week.
     Only allow it to grow and not fade away.
                       In Jesus Name


Anonymous said...

you are a very special young woman with a heart for the things of God.

LadyGunn said...

I'm loving your write-ups on the trip. The sandwich shop in Lima was called La Lucha. Amazing brownie shakes!

Cristi said...

Thanks Marla! I should have gotten one of those shakes! :)