Monday, November 17, 2014

A Little of Peru Right Here

Since we returned from Peru we have done a Neighborhood Children's Outreach once a month.  We chose a neighborhood where we go and play games with the children there.  We bring a snack and have a little bible lesson with them before we leave. Very similar to one of the things we did in Peru.   It has grown since our fist visit.  We are so blessed by it each time.  This time in particular I was moved almost to tears by the blessing of it all.

This month we did something a little different.  I will share more about that in the next few posts because it would have been major picture overload if I had done it all in one post.  Therefore, I am splitting it up.

Each month I have intended to bring my camera to get some images of these precious faces and the things we do out there.  Each time I have forgotten my camera.  Last month I finally remembered it.  However, the battery died just as I turned it on.  Finally this month I remembered my fully charged camera.  I got some great images.

As I was there with the kids taking pictures, in my minds eye I kept going back to the place that sorta began this in the first place.  Peru.

When we got home from Peru we knew that we wanted to incorporate some of what we had done in Peru with the children there, and bring it to children here.  That is where this Neighborhood Children's Outreach was born.  The precious Peruvian children touched our hearts.  We were incredibly blessed by spending time with the children there and sharing our love and Gods love with them.  That is our intent here as well with precious children in our own town.

As I looked at each little face I saw a child that deserved to be loved well.

I saw a child that deserved to be played with

 and made to feel important.

I saw a child that deserved to know they are special

and deserved to be hugged.

This weekend these smiling faces made me smile too.

They made Todd smile too.

The next post I will have more pictures from the weekend event and will go into more detail of what we did.

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