Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This Is What It's All About

This is what its all about folks

This Children's Neighborhood Outreach

Once a month we go to their neighborhood and play with them.  We always play Soccer or Flag Football.

While they do that, some others have their nails painted, or paint ours.  Then there is another activity like decorating crosses

or making turkeys like we did this time.  Or face painting which they love.
There is always some group game like a relay race of some sort, sinking the ping pong ball,

or catching marshmallows with your face like last month.  This time we had a three legged race.  We always have hula hoops

and frisbees, stuff like that.  After that all the kids sit down by this old truck

 and Todd teaches a short Bible lesson while they have a snack.  After that they get a treat bag and we are on our way.

This month was a little different though.

This month our church decided to invite the children and their parents to have Thanksgiving Dinner with us.  So all of the great people at Cornerstone Church got together, made yummy dishes, gathered together tables, chairs, plates, cups, drinks, dishes, sound equipment, microphones, game supplies, and all the other things we needed and went out again to their neighborhood to celebrate Thanksgiving with our new friends.  We set up those tables right outside.  Right in the place where they normally play soccer.

  It was great.  It was cold.  But honestly we prayed the really cold away.  It was suppose to be frigid cold.  And it was the day before and the day after too I think.  But the sun was out and the temperature was up a little,  and it turned out fine.  More than fine actually.  It was amazing.  I was blessed to no end.  It was so great to see so many come out to help with this.  There were even others who helped prior to Saturday that couldnt be there that day but did things that needed to be done before then.  I looked around and saw all of the kids, all their parents, and all of our church family there together.  I loved it.  It was great.

Some memories from the day

  • The little boy who straight up told me his daddy was in jail
  • The little girl who kept wanting me to take her picture.

  • The little boy who was so sad that his mama wouldnt come to eat with him but seemed very happy that I told him I would be his buddy and he could stay by me.
  • The girl who was happy to see her daddy come

  • Singing Happy Birthday to the birthday girl

  • The sweet lady that brought a dish (yummy potatoes) Our conversation
  • The pile up with me at the bottom when kids in their own version of the three legged race ran right over me.

Overall it was a really great day spending time and building relationships with the precious people in that neighborhood.

This is what its all about folks.

And this is what we saw chasing us as we drove away.

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