Tuesday, November 25, 2014

To Grandmothers House We Go

 So THANKFUL I got to go see my mom this week.  Casey, Avery, and I went on a road trip and headed up there to see her. Avery did super great.   It was a very nice trip.  We did fine without our guys who had to work.    When we got there one of us mentioned a Christmas Tree.  Johnny (thats my brother) said he had one but Mama usually only wanted to put up her little tree.  He and I discussed where we could fit it and how we could decorate it.  The decision was made.  We knew she would like it when we were finished.  So Johnny put it together, and we hung the lights.  

All the while mom thinking it was much too big.

 Then candy canes were  hung.

Then Christmas Balls

So cool making memories with Avery and her Great Grandmother.  And Nonna of course.

Then we popped pop corn and strung it together with cranberries for an old fashioned garland.
 It was so fun.

We were proud of it.

 Johnny added an angel and then we draped the garland around the tree for our finishing touch.

 Mom did like it.  We were right.

Even though it was a little early maybe to get the tree up, it was the perfect time for us since we were all together.  No time like the present to take the opportunity you are given.

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