Thursday, February 26, 2009


I really love sunsets. I guess I have always loved things in nature. I love mountains, oceans, stars, sunsets and the like. For some reason I feel like telling you this story about sunsets. In October of 1997 I lost my daddy to lung cancer. We knew, of course, he was sick and got the call to come. My husband drove me to Memphis to the hospital. He had to work and since we didnt know how long I would be there; he went back home to work for the rest of the week He also had a wedding to perform in a few days. So he went back home. Unfortunately a day later my daddy passed away. That was one of the two hardest days of my life. I wont give all the details because I wouldn't be able to see to type through the tears. The exact moment that my daddy went to be with the Lord, our family was gathered there in the hospital room. My mom was standing by my brother, and they embraced. My sister was by her husband. They embraced. So on and so forth around the room. Everyone was paired up with someone who comforted them. Remember Todd had gone home not knowing that things would happen so quickly and so, in that room full of people I was alone. That was the most alone I have ever felt. I walked over to the window facing away from his bed. I looked outside and immediately saw the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen. I will never forget that sight. The Lord sent it to me to comfort me and it did bring some comfort. There are sunrises and sunsets. Life begins and life ends. There is beauty in both. It was a very painful day (time) for me. But I believe my daddy got things right with God before October 17, 1997. I know that one day I will see him again in Heaven. I'll see him, Carson, Jesus, and so many others. So until then I will enjoy the sunsets God chooses to send me, each and every special one.


Avery's Mommy said...

great you.

Mallory said...

such a beautiful and inspiring post! got me blinking back the tears =)

The Glenn Gang said...

Here is the link to the car.

Take a look to see if you are still interested. We were hoping to sell it for $75.