Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Sebastian

We spent this past weekend with family.--- Our little Sebastian,
had his third birthday party. Sebastian is the son of Todd's youngest brother, Richard. His party meant our little Avery got to attend her very first birthday party! Not only Avery went to this party, but our whole family was there. The guys had a great time in the pool wrestling and such.
They have always loved wrestling in or out of the water. What is that with guys?

A good time was had by all. Avery enjoyed the water at first but then would get ready to get out. I didn't get a picture of her in that swing but I think she preferred that to the pool. She played in the mini pool too. She even had some friends join her.
Later Saturday evening we did find out that the pool received guests much too soon after "shocking" it. Either that or there were too many chemicals of some kind in it. I certainly wont go into detail here but the guys who spent all day in the water are regretting it at this point - yes even on Monday since Saturday. That may be why Avery wanted out when she did. (Smart cookie!) I enjoyed swimming with her and the water was fine to me but I wasnt in very long at a time. I got out when she did. Todd had a good time swimming, sliding, and diving too. Mark had a good time in the pool too.Sebastian seemed to be glad that all his friends and family were at his house. I thought this next photo was a sweet one of him and his daddy.We were all glad we went. It was a very nice day. We are looking forward to another nice weekend coming up. I will once again be cooking for our crew. Shish Ka Bobs it is! I think Mawmaw, or more recently known as GiGi will be baking us a couple of chocolate pies for the occasion! YUMMY! So I will be posting then about that gathering with more pictures to come of course. I am going to have to be deleting some of these off my computer soon before it blows up! LOL


Carrie said...

It looks like you all had fun. I love family get togethers when everyone is together. Glad you didn't stay in the pool to long!

Mallory said...

i was cracking up when i saw the picture of mark in the kiddie pool and you wrote "she even had some friends join her", and the look avery has on her face in that one =)

Avery's Mommy said...

great pics as always.

shish-ka-bobs...YAY! You need me to make something? Looking forward to another fun weekend!

Penny said...

The look she gave Mark was hilarious! She's looking at him like, "Shouldn't you get back to your own pool?!" =)
Great pics!
Better post than Casey, but not as heart stopping!!! LOL

Anonymous said...
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