Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Not Me Monday, I mean Tuesday

After a wonderfully long weekend, work Monday, cooking supper, and Joshua's ball game, I was not too tired to do a Not Me Monday post and I didn't decide to wait until Tuesday to do it.

There are some other things I did not do since my last Not Me post like:

I certainly did not have a small accident while I was a the beach. Things like that don't happen. At least not to me. I wasn't sitting in the lounge chair early in the morning. While I was enjoying my {Beach & Coffee}, my chair which had not been clad with the comfy cushions yet was not (really not) properly locked in the back. It DID NOT fall completely backwards. I did not fall with it all the way back. No, my coffee did not fly out drenching my sweet husband who was sitting beside me. AND I did not scrape and bruise my already ugly elbow to a knotted purple yuk. I also did not hold back [well mostly] tears from the pain. No none of this happened while the nice semi-retired couple that was sitting next to us was giving us their mini life story.

I did not ditch my son and husband on the patio during an exciting game of Ping Pong
and literally RUN down to the beach to see the dolphins.I would never trade out time with them for sea life.

I didn't even hear the large man screaming like a crazed animal about the fact that he expected a "rescue boat" (Don't laugh) to pick him up after he fell off his jet ski and COULDN'T GET BACK ON! (I said Don't laugh!) That ranting, screaming at the top of his very large lungs, cussing, using words I havent heard in a long time, it didnt make my heart rate move up. I wasnt concerned about him at all. I didnt raise my own voice mentioning to him that there were small children present. I didnt think - when he was screaming "The State of Florida will hear about this!" that because of his loud mouth much of the State of Florida has already heard about it. LOL It didnt make a sense of nervousness set in before going on a parasailing trip.
I didnt think that some of the bikini clad teens giving my son a second look needed to remain looking from afar. I would insert a picture of the one on the parasailing trip with us but if you remember I did say bikini clad.

I did not get a cute post card for Avery while in Pensacola. I didnt forget to mail it to her as soon as I got back to the Hotel. I was not so concerned with spending every second on the sand that I let it slip my mind. Absolutely not - I mailed it as soon as I got back just as I intended and it's not still in the bag at home. I am on top of things. yes Mam!

I did not do this complete post and try to do the cute trick that McMama does where you srike out words and then put other words. Since it ended up striking out most of what I wrote and I couldnt fix it, I did not have to delete the entire post and start all over! Not me.

And last but not least I don't even like the beach. I mean who does? Who would like this?

Not me.


Jami Ainsworth said...

This DID NOT make me want to go to the beach even more than before I read this and viewed the beautiful photo.

Calley said...

That last pic is gorgeous! Love it! AND you caught a dolphin! How cool! That stinks about your elbow! Ouch! If it makes you feel any better I got stung by a wasp this weekend and have been aching with you- though I'm sure not near as bad. Glad ya'll had fun otherwise.

Mallory said...

i am SO jealous of your trip!!!

sorry about the hurt elbow though =)

and good for you for standing up to that man, i would've been too intimidated!