Saturday, August 22, 2009

God is Awesome

God is awesome.

Today I am thinking about the creator of the universe. There are so many incredible things that He created. Right at this moment I am thinking of one thing in particular.

When I am sitting on the beach early in the mornings, which I love to do. The waves come rushing in.It's so beautiful. What a great way to start the day. Do the people who are blessed to actually live there and wake up to that each morning know how blessed they are? Anyway, on with my thoughts. Later in the hot afternoon, those waves are still crashing in. That evening before supper, waves still doing their thing. That night after supper, beautiful sunsets, and waves still rolling over onto the shore.

In the darkness, under the moonlight, wave after wave after wave. Finally unfortunately we get tired and fall asleep. While we sleep though the waves continue to roll one right after another.

When we wake up there they are again. Never stopping, always going, splashing. Those waves have been doing that all night, all year, all the time. The waves have continued to do that same thing over and over and over since the day God created them to do it. Never stopping. Man, it's amazing how you can see what an incredible God we have just looking at one of the things he created. Just this one beautiful amazing, wonderful creation.


Penny said...

Love the post! It reminds me of the words in "My Redeemer Lives" that was on Casey's MySpace video. =)

Avery's Mommy said...

Nice post. I know how much you love watching those waves. Can't wait to see Avery playing in them next year!

Mr. Brother Daddy said...

i like this, amazing how we over look God in what we call the simple or normal things. They aren't simple or normal at all.