Sunday, August 9, 2009

Not Me Monday!

I have not done a "Not Me" post lately so I decided since McMama is doing a giveaway I would do one! If you have not read her blog before you probably dont do much blogging at all - but if you would like to then here is her site. She is funny, a good writer and photographer and has a wonderful miracle story. God is so good all over the world. Anyway here goes my Not Me's -
After doing special diet for 2 weeks, I did not find that I couldn't eat the delicious expensive meal I ordered at a restaurant this weekend.
I did not get 2 appliances for my kitchen this week! Yes 2 -My dishwasher went kaput after about 8 years. I have not been handwashing my dishes for a couple of months now. I didnt even need a new one cause I LOVE handwashing all our dishes! NOT! And - I also got a new fridge! We bought my old one when we moved in this house. That would be 22 years ago On October 1st. Guess we got our moneys worth on that one. Hope this one lasts that long too. I am blessed!
I did not let myself run out of ink in my printer at work. Of course I didnt. I am much too good a secretary to let that happen. Especially when I should be receipting money (and plenty of it). No ink = no receipts. (Yes I can hand write receipts but that does not put them into my computer/financial program.)
I did not find more to do in the front room. I have been through re-doing that room for a while. I finished painting that room weeks ago. I normally finish a project like that in 2 or 3 days tops. So I certainly am not still working on this room probably months after I started it. I am not still waiting on the bedspread (bed-in-a-bag) that is on backorder for that bed. I certainly did not look in 4 different cities from Louisiana to Texas to find it only to discover that NO ONE had it in the size I needed. I am not excited that I got to order it, even though I have to wait and wait for it. I do not have it on a countdown at this point and dont even know that it will be mailed out to me in 11 days. And I am not in the least nervous that it might not be perfect after all of this because of course it will be.
And last but not least I am not pushing for May already because wouldnt that be like wishing my life away.


Avery's Mommy said...

We just can't pass up a good giveaway can we?

Can't wait to see the new bedspread.

I've also noticed with Atkins now when I do eat carbs I get sooo full, so fast!

Calley said...

Great! New appliances and bedspread! Sounds fun! I know what you mean. It seems like any time I order something, it is on backorder, or some crazy thing. I have a knack for picking the stuff I won't get for another 6 weeks. lol