Friday, October 9, 2009

Absolutely Not Me's

So this idea started here at McMama's blog and some weeks things will happen that could fill up one of these kinds of posts, like this one.

What a week:
  • Once into the parking lot I did not click my keychain to help locate my car. No mam, I always remember where I park. I mean, who would forget such a thing. And this did not happen after that: I did not walk behind what I thought was my car, and click the keychain. The lights on the car did not at that exact moment, light up. I then didn't stop behind the car and click the open trunk button. When the trunk didnt open I did not then realize the lights that were on, were backup lights. I did not then look up and realize that there was someone in that beautiful silver Toyota Camry! Mine was across the isle with the trunk open and waiting. It's a good thing that kind lady looked in her rear view window before backing up!! :)
  • One day out of this very stressful week (this makes over 2 weeks of very stressful days at work! Whats up with that?!) Ok back to the story. After my audit was finished, the auditor called informing me of things I needed to know and pass on to my boss. My financial report was in a bit of a mess because of the check I mentioned in my last Not Me post. The bank charged my account for the stop payment which was suppose to be waived on that check. That caused more problems with my accounting program and financial program. The phones were ringing, the consultants were observing, the students were coming and going. I was trying to reach a company for information on some invoices. I kept being put on hold, and switched aound, and on hold and switched and finally sent to a voice mail. So in all the confusion I left a detailed voice message. BUT at the end of the voice mail I DID NOT, instead of saying 'thank you bye', say "In Jesu-" (as in -"In Jesus Name") Because the prayers that had been in my head all morning could not be so close that I would go there. No, there is no proof of it on that ladies voice mail. She doesnt know that I was going to say In Jesus Name. She may have thought that I was going to say "IN Jeans on Friday" or "IN Jackson MS.", or something... else...??? It could happen.
  • Another thing I did not do at work this week was make a mess when I changed the toner in our OLD copier. We have the kind that you have to SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE, before you turn over, slide in, pull the tab, and TAP, TAP, TAP. Well I SHOOK, SHOOK, SHOOK, and I turned it over and TAPPED, TAPPED, TAPPED. I removed the top to allow the air to help move the toner into the machine. What I did not do was turn it sideways after removing it when it still felt heavy. I did not spill a LARGE amount of VERY BLACK toner onto the carpet and billowing up into the room like an atom bomb. AND under no circumstances did I realize that I forgot to pull the tab allowing the toner to escape the bottle and go into the copier. Of course I wouldnt forget a step like that especially when the instructions are right there in front of me. That must have been some much less capable secretary and certainly NOT ME! (I knew I didnt want to change that toner right then. I should have listened to my instincts.)


Mallory said...

toner been there! the black powder has made it's way onto the carpet plenty of times...and weird that "i" am the only one who knows how to change it...and how it likes to go out esp on days that i wear khakis =)

Cristi said...

:) Yes Mal, I was thankful that I had taken off my white jacket and left it at my desk before the whole fiasco!

brtty stella said...

This mame laugh! Sorry! Know it wasn't funny when you went thru' it!
Hope you have a much better week!

Penny said...

Sounds like I've rubbed off on you a little bit. All of the above sound like things I'd do, except for the in Jesus' name part, because you know I don't pray out loud. lol

Avery's Mommy said...

HILARIOUS. You have me and Niki rolling in the middle of my slightly hectic very busy Tuesday! GREAT WAY TO TAKE A BREAK. Hope u win the MckMama prize!

Calley said...

That is SOOOOO funny! I am laughing my head off about your car in the parking lot! HAHAHAHA! That totally sounds like something I would do!