Friday, October 16, 2009

Focus Focus Focus

I was looking at some of these pictures that I recently took of Avery. It made me think about the fact that she is soooo busy. She goes and goes and goes. She hardly slows down. Thus all these blurry photos. :) {She didn't slow down long enough for me to focus!}

I know that some days at work I literally go and go and go and never slow down. My heart rate gets up so high and it takes over and hour to get it back to normal once I get home and try to stop and rest.

I guess we start out as small as Avery is right now - running, hurrying, and thrashing about in life. Where does that come from? The need to put everything in high gear? I am not sure where it comes from but I know this. It isn't always good. Sometimes we can let the "comings and goings" and the "rush" and "busy, busy, busy" fill up our lives. That even makes sense. It does fill up our days. But when that happens, where does it leave God? Is He in the blurry part of that picture? Is He even in the picture at all some days? Is our relationship with Him so quick and moving that we leave ourselves in a blur?

No time to pray, so I will pray on the go, while I am driving, or doing something else.
No time for praising Him, but I will go to church Sunday morning.
That's on my list of things to do.

I read something in a book recently that really has me thinking about my relationship with God. One thing that book talks about is whether we are making God a part of our lives. We seem to think that's a good thing. Let's make Him a part of our busy, crazy, demanding, hectic, filled up lives.

God shouldn't be a minuscule part.
He is ALL! We should make sure our vision of Him is clear. He is our all in all, not some rushed through part, that we can check off our list after completing, and rush right on to something else equally as important.

I think we should slow down and think on the things of God while we sip a cup of hot coffee on a cool fall morning, enjoying the sunshine, looking out into the mountains. (Oh wait, I was wandering in fantasy land for a moment.) But seriously we should take
time for Him. He took time to knit us together perfectly and wonderfully as the Psalm says. We should stop our busy lives from time to time on a regular basis and get perfectly focused on God, who is all. That will give our lives focus, clear up some of the blurry spots, and maybe even help some of those busy days make a little more sense.


Penny said...

I've been thinking about this for a while. I imagine God gets frustrated (ya know, if He wasn't perfect) like I do when I want to spend time with my kids and there are a hundred activities going on. Too many distractions. I'm sure He just wants to "visit with His children" as much as we do ours. I don't know how many times some or all of ours have been here, gone home, and left me thinking how quickly the visit flew and how rushed it seemed. :( I guess I don't think about that when I'm just "throwing" a prayer up His way a couple of times a day.
Good post. =)

Avery's Mommy said...

Great post.

Niki thinks Avery looks like me in these pics :)

Calley said...

You don't know how much this post helped me today. Thanks for letting God use you. :)

日月神教-向左使 said...
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