Friday, October 30, 2009

Soakin it Up

Last weekend Averys mom and dad went to see LSU play ball at Tiger Stadium. They had a really good time but I am pretty sure they didnt have as much fun as we did. Avery got to spend time with Nonna

and Poppa
and Paps and Mic Mic

and Gigi. She fell asleep on Gigi while waiting for Sebastian to come. Then of course she moved to her favorite napping place- Poppas chest and there she slept for almost 2 hours! Thats the only way she naps at our house. I have yet to hear Poppa complaining about it. :)

Sebastian finally made it, of course Avery was napping the whole time he was here.But he had a pretty good time.

The weather was nice but a little cool so Avery got to wear her new hats.

We picked flowers and grass

and played chase and giggled. Man I LOVE those giggles.

When I think about all the fun we had this weekend and I think about when my kids were this small and how quickly that has gone by. It makes me wonder how quickly this will go by with her too. So I just want to soak up every second I can. What a blessing.


Penny said...

Too cute! And too true. It goes by too quickly. :(
PS Why is the LSU upside down on her hat? =)

Cristi said...

Thats an adult hat, that Mic bought for himself. We put it on her and turned the edges up. He gave it to her. :)

{Louisiana.Bride} said...

Adorable pics, she looks so much like Casey.

日月神教-向左使 said...
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