Monday, October 5, 2009

Not Me Monday

I decided I needed a new post but couldnt think of what to do and then I remembered its MONDAY, so why not?

I DID NOT wait 6 full weeks after cutting a check to finally make a stop payment on it as they never received it. That was last week. TODAY I DID NOT receive that check in the mail from the business I cut it to 7 weeks ago, saying they had received double payment for it listing the 2nd check I cut to them and returning the first check I cut them. I DID NOT want to scream when opening that envelope because sorting all that out was NOT a headache and DOES NOT wreak havoc on my book keeping.

I did not just now bend my toe a full 16 or more years after it was broken and feel the pain as it felt for some time after breaking it. I am not now afraid to bend my toes for fear of feeling that again.

I did not get up early to go walking today and get almost half way around the block when it started raining. I then did not end up jogging in the rain all the way back home because I am my mothers daughter and I check the weather! lol

I was not playing my guitar in church last week and I did not notice that every time I played a D Chord something sounded funny. Toward the end of the song I did not finally look down at my guitar and notice that the pick up, that I have inside my guitar so that it can be heard through the sound system, was pulled partly out and touching two of the strings. (Thus the strange sound when playing "D") :) NOT ME!

I do not wonder why my fish tank population keeps dwindling slowly but surely.

AND last but not least I AM NOT glad my auditors finished up with me today and I dont have that stress to think about. Because I LOVE auditors and being audited and it doesnt make me nervous at all. I never wonder what they are going to pick apart in my audit or make me change or add. Not Me - Phew!!!

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