Thursday, January 7, 2010

What? He's 18?!!!!!!!!!!

Some 18 1/2 years ago I was having a few problems that led me to go for a doctor visit. Turns out--SURPRISE! I found out that I had a baby on the way. I was not really prepared for that. I guess maybe in the back of my mind I knew of the possibility but seriously I did not go to the doctor for that reason and was shocked when the nurse told me that my urine sample showed that I was pregnant. (Sorry if that is too much information.) I went straight home from that appointment planning on giving Todd the news. All the way home I was thinking how I would tell him. Romantic Dinner like on TV? Buy a baby gift and let him open it? When I pulled in the driveway I found that we had company. Pattie was there. I remember waiting for her to leave so I could tell him. I didnt want anyone else to know just yet. So in a bit she did leave and I remember Todd asking me how the doctor appointment went. So I said "Well, I am pregnant." (I know, all those dramatic ideas I had, and I just spit it out.) Of course his reaction was all "Smiles". What else? LOL So anyway About 6 months or so later, on January 8, 1992 I had a checkup. I was so sick of every time I went in for a checkup he always said "See ya next week". That is not what I wanted to hear that morning. But, again that IS what he said. So home I went from that appointment and hung out, "not smiling" for the morning. Then all of the sudden I began to notice that my water seemed to be leaking. (Again, sorry if that is too much information.) I wasnt in any pain or anything but we went to the hospital to check things out. I was right and about 3 hours after arriving at the hospital Joshua Tyler made his appearance into our family. I will never forget right when he was born, they held him up for me to see and those huge eyes looked straight over at me and I said "Well Hi Joshua". No noise, no tears, no screams, just him looking. He is always and always has been a very quiet person right from the start. Not much talking going on but quietly watching what is going on around him.

Josh has always kept me on my toes. Starting when he began to be able to walk and get into things. He also has changed some of my purchasing habits. Back in the day, you only bought ketchup in glass bottles. As soon as Josh learned to open the fridge, he grabbed more than one bottle of ketchup and dropped it before I could get to him leaving splattered ketchup all over the floor. I soon found plastic bottles of ketchup which I have bought each time since. He also found it fun to climb and reach on top of the washer and dryer and grab the "Powdered" laundry detergent which then spilled on top of his head and all down him like a snowman - An eyes stinging, suds spitting, snow man. From that moment until now---"liquid" detergent with a screw on lid. Oh yea and there were those TWO years in a row that he pulled the Christmas Tree over! What a little guy!

So on he grew into a little sports fanatic. He knew every statistic when he was in 2nd grade. You can't imagine. He knew the rules and had his opinions even as a little fellow.

All of the sudden somewhere out of the blue he became this really smart, 6 foot tall man with lots more opinions.

Today is the day to say
to that surprise little baby boy with big blue eyes.
And to all you moms of little kids out there - I swear - I know you dont believe me now but 18 years goes by like a whirlwind so fast you cannot believe it even when you do see it. You'll see.


The Glenn Gang said...

Well, this makes me want to go wake up my sleeping 3 year old just to snuggle with him for a bit.

Cristi said...

Nikki: It would be worth it.

Penny said...

Awww, Josh's a man now! Whoa! I can't believe our babies are grown up. So weird, isn't it? Sweet post! Love the pictures of him with you and Todd. =)
So... where's the senior picture of him in a tux? Still haven't seen it yet! You saving that one for May?

Avery's Mommy said...

It is weird even for me. I don't think I like it. Can we rewind those 18 years and do it one more time?

Mallory said...

Speaking of climbing...I remember one time when Josh climbed up on the vanity/dresser and grabbed a hold of a heating curling iron barrel!!! =) And when he was a toddler he would have a fit if you wore your curly hair pulled up, he preferred it down =)

And that story about the laundry detergent is making MY eyes water just hearing about it, lol. I've had a TINY bit on my finger from doing laundry before and then accidentally rubbed my eye with it -- burned SO bad! That poor baby!!! =)

Cristi said...

Casey- I might do a few things different if we rewound. Penny - I didn't buy that tux pic. It wasn't as great a pic as Shelbi's. And Mallory- Yes he would always make me take it down if it was up when I tucked him in at night. It was so sweet.

Calley said...

awwww...I cannot believe Josh is
18. That's nuts. I don't like thinking about my boys growing up. Thanks for the reminder of what a flash it is!

{Louisiana.Bride} said...

I remember when he was still little. 18 years does go by fast. Happy Bday Josh!

brtty stella said...

Loved Josh's birthday blog. Brought tears to my eyes. So fast he is 18. My youngest grandchild. all grown up!! Still adorable too!!