Sunday, January 17, 2010

2 Years Ago

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

2 years ago, just like this year I was off on that day. So Todd and I took the weekend and went up to visit with Casey and Charlie. It was a work weekend. We painted, decorated, and put together a crib for a precious baby that we knew was on the way. We thought that baby would be arriving in 2 months and we wanted to help Casey and Charlie get things together before the big day. Casey had planned one of those really cool 4-D Sonograms on Martin Luther King Jr. day and we were all going to see if this really was a girl or if maybe it would be a boy joining our family. Even Todd was going to the sonogram even though those things make him squeemish! LOL

I have told this story before so I wont go into every detail but on Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2 years ago we went to that sonogram. Immediately though things went from excitement, giddiness, and smiles, to shock, anxiety, and urgency. The sonogram showed right away that the little GIRL was in danger. There was very little amniotic fluid, backwards flow through the umbilical cord, and a much too small baby that needed to be born right away.

That day Avery Grace blessed us with her presence. We are so thankful that we were off on Martin Luther King Jr. Day and that we had that sonogram scheduled to warn us of the danger Avery was in. We are so thankful that God is in control and worked everything out for her good and for ours.

We are so blessed to have little Avery Grace Reeves as a member of our family.

I think it is fitting that Avery was born on a day set aside to celebrate the birth, life, and dream of Martin Luther King Jr. This day can always be a celebration too, to remember the story of her birth, the celebration of the fact that God gave her life, and the dream that we have that she can grow in Christ to become all the He has planned for her to be.

We praise God for His many blessings and especially for that special Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2 years ago.


{Louisiana.Bride} said...

I absolutely love her story. She is such a fighter, Y'all are so blessed to have her in your lives.

Mallory said...

i teared up reading this, and trying not to think of what could've happened had ya'll not had the sonogram on that day. but God is in control, and Avery is such a testament to that! =)

Avery's Mommy said...

ok so i just wrote a post titled two years ago today with similar story and pics. Oops! Its schedule for 1/21 though.

Great post. Love you!

brtty stella said...

Avery Grace, precious name for a precious baby. She is certainly a blessing to all our family. We love watching her progress, seeing her personality develop. Thanking God for all this on her 2nd birthday!!

Penny said...

Such a scary day! Such a miraculous day! Love that I've been privileged to watch your miracle grow. :)

Calley said...

It is incredible- I looked at your little profile pic amin ago and thought- how amazing....Avery is such a miracle.

I love your new header- did you take that pic? It is so pretty!

Cristi said...

Calley, Yes I took it last spring. Thanks

Penny said...

So, where's the birthday post with a hundred pictures? Can you believe my baby will be a year old in 19 days?! And next Friday, three of my favorite people will turn 55, 45 and 9! Wow, my first grandbaby is NINE! Are you reading Debbie's statuses? Most of them are about the crazy stuff Becca comes up with. =)