Friday, January 1, 2010

A Year in Pictures

Thinking about our past year and the New Year

What has happened?

What will happen?

In January our little miracle turned one! What an awesome celebration. We were and are incredibly blessed to celebrate her first year after such a shaky and scary start. But God blessed us with this miracle and celebrate we did!

In the spring the guys in this family were really into golf!
This year we participated in our very first March of Dimes Walk! We think this is a great organization to support and hope that Premature Births will occur less and less often. Avery was pretty proud of us for our efforts too.

In June we had a nice vacation with Josh.
There was a first this year when I drove to Memphis without my better half. Man was I nervous. Casey and Avery went along for the ride with me. We survived and had a wonderful visit with Grandma.

In July we celebrated the birth of our Nation watching fireworks.
This year we got to see some family that we haven't seen in a long long time. (Way too long) And we got to meet some we havent met yet too. This is Baby Ryan our nephew Zach's little boy.

This is our niece Stephanie and her sweetheart Grayson. It was so nice to get to visit with them.
Todd got to go to a race in Florida this year that really fired the idea for his birthday gift where we will go to Dallas and see the big guys race! Go Jeff Gordon!!!!
We love getting away. I always say I have never been hardly anywhere so I LOVED getting away to somewhere new -in this case-Hot Springs!
This fall Mark got to do some much loved hunting. Now none of the rest of this family hunts but Mark sure enjoys it.
This year we actually got a real SNOW! You know - for Louisiana! Woo Hoo Short lived but nice.

So at the finish line of 2009 - We call it a WINNER!

I am really excited about 2010 and I have a feeling it is going to be a year of celebration! Not sure what we will be celbrating, but I feel like that's the word for the upcoming year. Can't wait to see it play out.



Avery's Mommy said...

Great post! Love all the pics!

Penny said...

Ditto, Casey! Happy New Year! =)

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