Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

We really had a very nice time this year Father's Day Weekend. On Friday Mark drove up to spend the night. He couldn't be here on Sunday because he had to work but was able to come on Friday. He took us out to dinner which was VERY NICE! We enjoyed our evening with him. He headed out the next morning. Then on Saturday Charlie, Casey, & Avery came to town. I had the birthday boy (Charlie who turned 26!) a strawberry cake which was awesome (and pink). I also blew up some balloons (which also happened to be pink). And I even got some flowers to freshen things up a bit. So a girly birthday it was for Charlie but he didn't care. LOL {I enjoyed the fresh flowers and Avery really enjoyed the pink balloons} He enjoyed his present from us and the cake! We went out to dinner that night too and Casey picked up her Dad's tab for Father's Day! Then on Sunday, Todd's parents came and Mickey was here too. We missed Mark that day. Josh was out of town and didn't get in until the evening and we missed him during the day too. The rest of us had a really great time together though. After church we grilled hamburgers and sausage. Todd's mom made her delicious potato salad. She even made her chocolate pie too! YUMMY! We also had some of that Strawberry cake left. So no one can say we don't eat enough around here. When things werent quite so hot outside, later that afternoon we went out into the yard. Now it WAS still hot. But boy did we enjoy the afternoon. Avery loved her pool. She jumped and splashed and poured and poured some more. She would say "Play Mama play" "Play Nonna play". That meant she wanted us to put our feet in too. I turned on the water hose and she loved that even more than the pool. She tried getting us all wet with it which brought lots of squeals and giggles. When her daddy let her drown him in it she was beside herself. We brought out the old stilts and took turns walking on them. Even Pawpaw (or Paps as Avery calls him) who is 79 years old took off across the yard like there was nothing to it. If we had two sets, Todd and his dad could have had a contest. They both seemed pretty skilled at it. I think Bill might have taken the prize though. We also pulled out the old horseshoes! The guys had a good time. I even played a game myself. I got one leaner! That's 3 points just so you know! Woo Hoo LOL

Avery decided the best way to cool off aside from the water was the fresh pineapple and strawberries left over from our lunch. She was RIGHT. It was delicious and refreshing, and SO IS SHE! It was a wonderful day filled with family. No better way to spend a Father's Day I think.


Carey said...

That Avery is precious!
I'm just stopping by to let you know that you are the WINNER of the latest Giveaway over at Providence! Yay for you!
Just shoot me an email with your name & mailing address and I'll get it shipped this week! Just in time for the Fourth!
Thanks for visiting and come back again :)

Penny said...

I love the one of Mr. Bill on the stilts! Awesome! You should have gotten Gigi (sp?) on that, too! ha
Looks like a great Father's Day! We spent ours in Arkansas, where Larry got to eat out about 5 times. lol

Avery's Mommy said...

Looking forward to many more fun summer weekends! We had so much fun!!! Love u

brtty stella said...

Family fun for Father's Day! No better way to spend it. Kids LOVE the pools, water hoses, anything to do with water, don't they! So easy to please at that age!

brtty stella said...

Family fun for Father's Day! No better way to spend it. Kids LOVE the pools, water hoses, anything to do with water, don't they! So easy to please at that age!