Saturday, August 7, 2010

The babies of the Family

I have gone back to work and been busy, and tired in the evenings. That makes for less blogging. I really wanted to put something up tonight. However I really dont have much to blog about. I decided to look back a tiny bit and see which pictures I like that I hadnt posted. This one was so sweet. Avery and "Gah" Thats what she calls him. The "J" sounds comes out a hard "G" sound as in "Gumbo" Now we dont mind her calling him Gah. It is somewhat better than what she mostly calls him, which is Mark. LOL We have really been working on the fact that Mark and Josh are two different people. She rarely sees them together. But together or apart she has been calling them both Mark, which comes out Mah. lol As a matter of fact last time she was here she looked at the pictures I have on my wall in the living room of all three of my kids, which are their senior portraits. She saw her mommy first and said "My mama" and then she looked at the other two pictures and said "Two Mah" As in Two Marks. I thought it was pretty smart for her to know it was two. But of course I told her No that one is Mark, and then I waited and she pointed to Josh and said "Gah" I guess I could have helped her out by having two boys that didn't look so much alike. Then again, I dont think they look that much alike, but other people do, and apparantly Avery is one of them.

So I posted this picture of the last two babies in the family. Josh and Avery.

By the way the older baby will be moving in about 3 weeks to Ruston.



Avery's Mommy said...

cute pic. we are working on those J's!

Can't believe you'll have an empty nest in 3 weeks! Time for a dog :)

Penny said...

That's hilarious~ Shelbi called all three of Larry's girls "Debbie" for the first two years of her life. She didn't distinguish between them until the summer she turned two. lol I guess Debbie is a lot easier for a baby to say than Leslie or Stephanie. It was really funny to hear her call, "Debbie" and watch all three of them turn and say, "What?" :)

Mallory said...

Leon said my name for the first time this past visit, sooo cute to hear it even if it's not exactly right. Sounded more like "Ma-ow-ry" :)

Cristi said...

Casey - NO WAY - I am not crazy. I DO NOT want a dog! Remind me of this when I get weak and see a cute pup!

brtty stella said...

Cute picture! Don't think mark and Josh look much alike. Soon she'll be realizing the difference.
I know you won't be weak like your mama and get a really cute puppy= they do grow up to be not so cute DOGS. Except "Bogey" He just stays precious! :)