Sunday, August 1, 2010

Who Likes Giveaways

Who likes Giveaways?


One time I participated in a giveaway for a camera! Boy did I want to win that giveaway. I didnt win that one. But it was for a good cause and I am sure whoever won it, really wanted to win that camera too.

One time I participated in a giveaway on Praise and Coffees' Blog and ...

I WON A CD which is now one of my favorites CD's. It is by Kari Jobe and it is great. I also won a set of cards and some coffee. Ooh it felt so fun to win!

One time I participated in a giveaway on Providence Blog for a really really cute 4th of July Plaque. It was so cute and I had just the spot for it in my living room. Well...

I won that too! I was so excited that I won and waited and waited for it in the mail! It made it just in time for the holiday. When it arrived I saw it sticking out of my mailbox. I knew that is what it was. I was like a little kid getting some surprise in the mail. Unfortunately when I opened it, it was broken in several pieces. :( I was sad. It could not be repaired. I was a little let down. I didnt mention that to anyone because I didnt want the sweet lady from that giveaway to feel bad or feel like she needed to send me another one or anything like that. The fact still remained that I WON. That was good enough for me. I like to WIN!

So I am saying all that to say this. I heard about another giveaway! I want you to be able to take part in this giveaway. I think if someone who gets to this giveaway through way of my blog is the winner, that can really count in some secondhand way as a WIN for me too! So do you like a giveaway? If you do then go here to this blog and you will have all the information so that you can enter even more than one time! Now if you dont care for a giveaway, ( I know --who in the world would that be?) Anyway if you dont like giveaways then I am sure you like helping others and doing things for a good cause. In this case a GREAT CAUSE! If that describes you better then go to this blog anyway! So you can find out how you could help a girl out.

Oh and just so you know, if you are thinking of maybe helping this family out, you will most definitely be helping some of the sweetest, loving, wonderful people you could ever meet. Just so you know!

So do it NOW! Go be a part of this giveaway! You could be the WINNER! But really I think everyone who participates in this will be a winner! AND your prize most definitely will not BREAK into many pieces before it arrives! DO IT! DO IT NOW! And be blessed!

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ty ma'am. I will add you to my spreadsheet :)