Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Work Heat and Help

School has definitely started and it is definitely nuts! That and the fact that the last few chances I have had to use it I have forgotten my camera. Thus the result is not much blogging going on.

So I was looking a bit through my pictures folder and saw these.

It has been sooooooooooooooooo HOT lately and I am TIRED of it. Goodness gracious I dont even work out in it like my sweet husband does. But man oh man I wouldnt mind a little of this in our future.

And, just so you know there are only a few more days left to ORDER for this great fundraiser. DO IT! You wont regret it. Come on step outside yourself and help someone= :)

1 comment:

brtty stella said...

That's funny! I put one of my snow pics as screensaver recently just to feel a little cooler!! Hope school "cools" off a little soon too!!