Monday, December 26, 2011


Just before Christmas Casey, Charlie, & Avery said goodbye to their little home in West Monroe, and moved across the river to Monroe.

It was a fly by the seat of your pants decision on their part and we only knew about it Friday night. So Sunday after our church services we drove up to help. We took Mark, Josh, and Mic with us and headed that way to pack boxes, and move furniture.

Casey and I boxed up a bit (She already had most of it boxed, by the way.)while the guys were loading up boxes and furniture and heavy stuff into the big truck Charlie rented to get the job done without having to load trucks up and make several trips back and forth. (That's got to be a run on sentence. Sorry)
This is Mic helping...

This is Charlie helping...
One last little play time with Uncle Mark at the old house.
Then off we went to the new place!
And it was time to unpack everything we just packed and put here, there, and everywhere for Casey to unload and place in just the perfect spot. Bless her heart!
It was a lot of work. There were beds to be put together
Toys and clothes to organize
And landlords to call

But there was still time for Avery to take Elmo on a walk around their new home. And time to check out the new yard with the guys.
I am so happy for them to be in a great neighborhood in a great house. God is good and blesses us to no end.

What a great way to start a New Year!

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bstellastar said...

lots of hard work from her family. Know it was appreciated so much. Family love abounds among the Welch's.