Thursday, December 1, 2011

Remembering and Making Memories

When my kids were little I had a daycare in my home. Thats how I made a little money to help keep our household going while still being able to be a stay at home mom. It worked for us and I enjoyed it. One thing we did from time to time was all pile up in the mini van, or whatever vehicle we had at the time and go over to Duncan Park. I would fill an ice chest full of hot dogs, cheese crackers, Kool Aid Kool Burst drinks, and Little Debbie cakes, and off we'd go. We would swing and slide, and spin around on that twirly thing they used to have there. They would ride the old train and take trips to who knows where. They would run and chase, and whatever else they could find to do for a while then pack everything up and come back home for a nap usually. Except for Emily, who always told me she was too old for a nap and her mom didnt make her take one. So I would tell her that was fine but she had to quietly watch TV while the other kids napped and then she would promptly fall asleep. hehehe

I have good memories of those days and sometimes wish I still did that for a living. (sigh)

Duncan Park looks a little different now. No twirly thing like they used to have. Different things to play on and they wont let you on the train anymore. But Avery and I still had fun there recently.

She ran,

played in the rocks,
went through the tunnel,
and even posed for some pictures.
And I know thats a lot of pictures but just for the fun of it---- one more -- because


And boy oh boy do I love that little girl.


Penny said...

Very sweet! Can you believe we haven't taken Leon yet?! Seems like it's either too hot, cold or rainy when I have him. :(
That last picture is my favorite, too! SO CUTE!!! You need to print that one out and give them to family... and friends. Ahem. :)

Anonymous said...

these are the best pictures of Avery! Love them. Know you had fun that day!.

bstellastar said...

Love these pictures. She is so adorable. You are good photographer!

bstellastar said...

Love these pictures. She is so adorable. You are good photographer!