Thursday, December 22, 2011


I got to spend a a few days with Avery this week. While she was here I let her open a gift a little early. Mark was sure to point out to me that I never let them open anything until Christmas Eve and then it was only Mawmaw and Pawpaws gifts. Not too sure how accurate that is but whatever...

She was excited to open this. I was excited that she didnt have a clue what it was. The size and feel of it didn't give away the fact that it was a book.
She wanted to read it right away and we did.
A lovely sweet story about Mortimer the mouse who needed a new home and took over the nativity scene. Upon hearing the father read the Christmas Story to his children, Mortimer realizes that his new home belonged to Jesus , so he gives it up so that Jesus would have his home back. Then Mortimer asks God to provide a home for him and his prayer is answered.

It is sweet to help Avery learn about God little by little. It was sweet to answer her questions throughout the story.

May her desire to know more about Gods plan grow as she grows.

---Thanking God for a wonderful and blessed Christmas Season.


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Penny said...

I have that book and read it to my class. I love that little book~ very sweet message. :)