Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Weekends

Our little town has had a lot of goings on lately in honor of the Christmas Season! And we are happy about that.

We had loads of fun on this particular weekend. First we went to a Christmas Breakfast and Avery had tons of fun chasing the other kids and letting them chase her. What a blast. At least thats what she thought. I dont know why I didnt get any pictures there. ????

Then we went on to a place where she could paint ornaments. She concentrated and painted and had such a good time.

Then on to the petting zoo.

It was sooooo cold that day but we braved the cold and got to see the animals. The pig was a hit. The Llamas were so cute, and the miniature horses were so sweet. Doesnt it look like they are smiling at Avery?

There was also ice skating if you can believe that. But after all of the other- we were all a bit tuckered out so we passed on that. (It was a little pricey! hehehe) Maybe next time though.


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