Tuesday, January 25, 2011

With All Our Hearts

We enjoyed Avery's Third Birthday party at The Childrens Museum in Monroe. She loves that place. I remember the first time we took her there it was time to close. We walked in the door but it was too late and we had to leave. WITHOUT PLAYING! Talk about a broken hearted little princess. So what do you do? Go find cupcakes quick! That worked. :)

Well this time we were not too late. She got to enjoy her birthday party time and play and play and play. She LOVED it! If you have never taken your kids or grand kids there you should give it a try. It's a great place to take kids. Cause you know its made just for kids! Like these.

We really all had a nice time watching the sweetest three year old we know celebrate right along with Tinkerbell!

It was nice to all be together again. Especially nice to get to spend a little time with Marks sweet girlfriend Anna Beth.

It was good to see Marks newly shaven face. Good Bye to No Shave November and its after effects. Avery had a blast. She loved the ambulance. She and I got some quality time in there together. I drove a while. Then she drove a while. She LOVED it when I would say "It's An Emergency! Hurry Avery, drive us to the hospital quick!" When I said that she did this! Every time! LOVE THAT!

And I have no idea what this face was for but I thought it was hilarious so I added it. hehehe
What a blessing it is to be grandparents to this little miracle that we love with all our hearts.


Penny said...

Love all the pictures of the "kids" having fun. :) Glad she had such a good time~ wish I could have brought my boy, or Harlee~ maybe next time. :)

Avery's Mommy said...

Love this! Cute, cute, cute!