Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Day At The Park

Ok well it wasnt really the park, but the playground at the Elementary school in town is just as good or better.

Some of us went out there this weekend. Perfect photo opportunity! Spoken like a true amateur photographer that LOVES to photograph everything.

What we were really doing was trying to wear poor little Avery out so she would go home and take a nap before the Miss Vidalia Pageant in hopes that she would be rested and sweet during the event. It worked.

Several of us went to the playground. Of course there was Avery, and Casey and Charlie, and Josh and even Tance met us there. It seemed that being back on that playground was bringing back a few memories for them. Especially Charlie. We got the story of where Lindsey, his sister broke her arm, and where he tripped and broke his tooth. Josh and Tance remembered who played where out there. They played around a bit themselves. Some of us were concerned that Charlie might fall from here and bust another tooth. Thankfully he didnt.

Josh showed Avery his skills on the slide. She never really got brave enough to go all the way up the ladder but did slide with her mom putting her on it then sliding the rest of the way down.

Even though her daddy and Tance showed her they were fun --Avery still was not into the swings, but this she loved. It was her favorite. Although she really liked the fire truck a lot too.
Again she and I had a good time driving the fire truck.
This is the face I make when I am making the siren sound! We have recently been into emergency vehicles. Fun Times!
So we finally had enough fun and headed home. I think we will go back again some time soon.


Mallory said...

it's funny how the grown-ups seem to have as much fun as avery in these last two posts, lol :)

Denise Darnell Davis said...

I remember thinking the toys at VLE were HUGE...then going back years later and seeing how small they are! Do they still have that little wooden house? Can't wait for a trip to visit my parents when we have warm weather so I can take Anna!