Sunday, May 15, 2011

Life As We Know It

So far so good. Yes the water is still rising but all is well. The projected crest has been lowered a bit so thats good news. Levees are holding strong. Praise God.
The water is now almost up to the top of the flat part of the opening in the bridge supports. (Crazy!)
Life as we know it could change.

But for now we still enjoy our community, our homes, and most of all our family and our time together.

So all in all we are keeping an eye on things.

Waiting and watching and listening.

I must admit I have been one to gripe about living in this flatland, when God created such beauty other places, like mountains, and oceans...
But I do realize the blessing of this place and the beauty.

There is wonderful wildlife here. We have seen some of it lately.

We saw one of these today!

Todd even saw a bobcat on our mini adventure! I missed it, so no pictures.

Thanking God for each day!


Avery's Mommy said...

i am so jealous y'all saw a gator! where?

Cristi said...

Out towards Ferriday, not exactly sure where we were.

Penny said...

lol@ Casey. Probably on Old River, Cristi. We rode down the paved part of the levee yesterday, too. All this water is unbelievable.