Friday, May 13, 2011

High Waters

I have been so busy at work it is taking me way to long to post pictures. Then when I tried yesterday, blogger was down. But finally today I am posting a few pictures of the high waters.

This was taken several days ago.
This one, yesterday. And today it is even higher.

This is where Mic works. Yes he is off work for a while, with pay. I dont think he is complaining too loudly. This one was taken several days ago.
This was yesterday, again, today EVEN HIGHER!

This is the old West Bank Eatery Building, or more recently known as the old Slough Daddys Building where Mark worked while in high school. This one was also taken several days ago.

This is the Riverwalk. This one was taken several days ago and we thought is was high then. Today it is past those rocks, on up well over that walkway. CRAZY!

It's definitely not too often we see much of this around here.
Or this

Or this

Thankful for them monitoring the levees and continuing to pray they hold strong!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for these pictures. Hoping they will be a "once in a lifetime" photo scene!! Praying continually for safety and protection of all there! Love you. Mama