Monday, May 23, 2011

He has his Masters! Thats crazy

We had a wonderful celebration this past weekend. Our oldest son--


graduated with his MBA in Business Economics!

We are very proud of all of his hard work. We pray that he will find God's path for his future.

We headed up to Ruston for the days celebrations. We made it to the University and met him in the hallway there. We visited for a few minutes before he had to go line up. Can you tell we are proud of him?

Here is when he found his name in the program.
There were lots of graduates all excited and pleased to be there.

There he is on the back row with the other Masters recipiants.We sat way up high but kept our eye on him. Avery did really well for the 3 hour process.
It was very cool and even a little emotional when he got closer as he was making his way up to get his diploma.

After graduation was over we stopped by Marks house and a few folks had to try on the cap of course.
Meanwhile Mark added to his Diploma Frame!
Then we went out for a delicious dinner to celebrate!

This is just before we left. Avery was giving her Uncle Mark a Congratulations Hug!
Have I ever mentioned how BLESSED we are?


Mallory said...

Congratulations to Mark!!! That is a huuuge accomplishment, and especially at his age. I know I don't have the determination or willpower to get mine! That takes a TON hard work, and I bet he's so glad to finally be closing that chapter :)

Beth said...

Good job Mark! And good job to you and Todd too for being great parents! Oh, and good job Avery for sitting through a three hour graduation!

Penny said...

And behind every smart boy (man) with a Master's stand great parents! Job well done to Mark, you and Todd! :)