Monday, June 13, 2011

Look at dem gators!

Since the river rising a favorite pastime of locals is to go gator looking. We went once before and saw a few. It was pretty interesting. Yesterday afternoon we decided to go again. So we drove down (the paved portion) of the levee and were on the look out. We ended up seeing several.
Probably a dozen. It is something how those guys can hide themselves. As a matter of fact this particular one was so still and near the edge that at first we thought it was just a log. But I knew the shape seemed to be more. I took a picture then looked in the camera at the close up view and there he was! So we got a little closer look and finally he started to move. Until of course he was tired of us watching him and decided to move on.

You seriously have to look close to find them. They are very good at camoflauging themselves.

Wow, to live in Louisiana!


Anonymous said...

As long as they stay in the water and don't decide to gpo roaming around elsewhere!! Must really be fun to see so many of them tho'! love from mama.

Avery's Mommy said...

We HAVE to go gator hunting this weekend!!!