Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pool Time

After our Memphis trip we decided to go see more family for a few days. So we went and had a couple of days with Casey, Charlie, Avery, Gigi, and Pap. We enjoyed swimming at Richard and Corres. We had a good time together. Last year Avery wasnt so keen on the pool thing, but this year she was all for it. She LOVED it! She wanted all of us to swim her around, unless of course she wanted to "do it my self!".

She loved throwing things into the pool.
She loved the splashes.There were lots of smiles.

We all had a good time in the pool. We played 21. Josh won! We also played HORSE. Guess who won? Yes I beat all the guys!
Okay it was a fluke, but I did it and I want it documented! :)
Charlie had definite skills!
Avery discovered the slide.
A little nervous but READY
SET ------ GO!
"I do that again!"

And again--
And again.

Todd sure needed this week of rest and relaxation. I am so glad he got it.


Penny said...

I'm glad y'all both had a week of fun~ I noticed this morning at church how relaxed and rested Todd looks! :)
Avery looks more like her Momma in these pool pics than ever~ maybe it's because the pool makes her eyes stand out even more. Whatever~ she looks like her. :)

Penny said...

PS Congrats on beating the guys at HORSE, Mrs. Competitive. :)